Frequently Asked Questions


I ordered a part, registered a new account or requested a password reset and can’t find any email from you. What’s up with that?

We are very sorry, but some email providers do not recognize our domain name, as we are a small and young e-commerce website. In this case, you can find any email from us in your spam folder. If you mark our emails as “Not a spam” you will receive any further emails from us directly to your inbox. Also, the more of you do that, the more likely it is we will get on the list of known domains and new customers will be spared this hassle.

Are you shipping to xyz country?

Most likely yes. The prices on the website are in US dollars and the shipping applies to US as well, as that’s where most of our customers are from. If you order from any other country, you can either send us a message to recalculate the shipping, or if you’re in a hurry, pay the whole shipping and we will refund you the difference afterwards. The same applies for bulk ordering multiple parts, where there is a reasonable assumption that we can package it together to save on

The cost of shipping to EU countries is about 40% cheaper than to US and Canada.

I placed an order, how do I pay?

To keep the prices low, we’ve switched to accepting bank transfers only. After you order, use your internet banking to transfer the funds. Use this information for the transfer:

  • IBAN: CZ2720100000002001913054
  • Reference: Your order number

I paid for the order and it’s been a few days. Where’s my stuff?

Everything we sell is made to order and takes a few weeks to manufacture. Occasionally we do have things on stock, but usually they need to be made just for you. Depending on the size and complexity of the parts, they can take 3 weeks to make and then there is additional week to ship it to you.